Thursday, June 14, 2007

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Peace Breaks Out...

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

by international standards....

"Sky News - Gaza Fighting Continues Despite Truce" - At least 80 people, mostly gunmen but also children and other civilians, have been killed in factional clashes over the past week. Hospitals were operating without water, electricity and blood.

Even holed up inside their homes, Gazans weren't able to escape fighting that turned apartment buildings into battlefields. Moean Hammad, 34, said life had become a nightmare at his high-rise building near the Preventive Security headquarters. "We spent our night in the hallway outside the apartment because the building came under crossfire in 2002," Hammad said. "We haven't had electricity for two days, and all we can hear is shooting and powerful, earthshaking explosions.

"The world is watching us dying and doing nothing to help. God help us, we feel like we are in a real-life horror movie," he said.

This is peace! This is a truce! By international standards, by news media standards, this is success. And dear Moean, while you'd like me and the world to feel for your situation, you have exactly what you asked for. At some point, your collective society has to stand up and accept responsibility for itself. Years of training your youth to hate and kill has come home.

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