Monday, June 18, 2007

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Parade of Shame, Attacks on Jerusalem!

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Once again, the same-gender-relationship & public activity flaunting parade is scheduled for Jerusalem, this Thursday. It might seem almost incredible that this assault on the holy city is now occurring every 6 months. Yet we need to understand that this is exactly what is going on. The holiness of Jerusalem MUST .. BE .. DESTROYED. It actually IS an international conspiracy. With this, the Sitra Achra, the Other Side, can prevent or delay that great day.

The Ford Foundation funds same-gender activities specifically in Jerusalem (not in Tel Aviv). The US State Dept refuses to recognize Jewish Jerusalem. The Pali's go around the world raising money and awareness of the "Judification" of Jerusalem, and murdering any Arab found to be selling property to a Jew. And we saw what happened when the work on the collapsing mound of dirt next to the Kotel was worked on. Breaking or preventing the holiness of Jerusalem is an international goal among apparently disparate groups. Yet it keeps going on.

The Israeli Police have approved the Shame parade, for Thursday. The parade is set to start at Independence Park and end at Bell Park, passing through Rechov David HaMelech.

You can protest, or you can pray, or both.

Recommended spiritual steps
: give tzedakah (charity) in the merit of the holiness of Jerusalem (I recommend Yad Eliezer to help the poor), say an extra kipitil of tehillim (say a psalm), take on an extra mitzvah, or say Perek Shirah.

Protest steps: Register your complaint with those below...

Jerusalem Mayor Lopolianski
Ph 011 972 2 6297717
Fax 011 972 2 6296407

Prime Minister Olmert
Ph 011 972 02-670-5475
F 011 972 02-670-5555

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter
Ph 011 972 02-530-8500
F 011 972 02-530-8039
Foreign Minister Tzippy Livni
Ph 011 972 02-530-3531
F 011 972 02-530-3506

(Thanks to Dreaming for the contact info.)

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