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More on Waiting for Miracles

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

On the topic of Waiting for the Miracles, and the position of the Rambam on yemos haMoshiach (the coming of Moshiach)...

Yitz commented: Wouldn't we consider the Rambam's non-miraculous Moshiach miraculous in this day and age? Anyone who can return klal yisrael to Torah and mitzvot is performing a miracle in my book...

Well said, given the current non-religious majority in our times. Yet, it wouldn't be an obvious miracle, say like miraculous food, water flowing from a rock, or a plague of darkness. It would be a hidden miracle that probably wouldn't even make the evening news. And that would seem to be more in line with the Rambam's statements.

AY commented: The (Lubavitcher) Rebbe used to stress how miraculous will be the final redemption. Moreover, since Moshiach is to be expected everyday, how can you trust that he could come w/o wonders and miracles? The Rambam was speaking about one of the possible ways for Moshiach to come, the 'regular' one. But, considering the actual situation, in the world and in Israel, one has to believe Moshiach will come in a very surprising way.

The Rebbe certainly wrote extensively about the coming of Moshiach and many miraculous happenings associated with the time of Geulah. But he also urged studying of the Rambam and Mishneh Torah. Note what the Rambam says is miracles are not required, not that they won't happen, but the lack of them doesn't invalidate a potential Moshiach. If he (Moshiach) succeeds at the goals of Moshiach without miracles, that's ok.

Like the miracles of Purim were hidden, just an 'amazing' coincidence of perfectly timed events, the Geulah can be arriving and in progress.

Mike commented: What I don't get is... Does the coming of Moshiach automatically and immediately yield Olam Haba? Or will Moshiach come, everything will return to normal as it was in the times of the previous Beis Hamikdash (except for that everyone will know Hashem and the world will be filled with truth) and then, after some time, the end will finally come and we will enter the age of Olam Haba?

This is something that really gets confused a lot and not something I have ever seen mentioned or discussed in Seforim or contemporary Rabbi's. Is this something that is being brushed off perhaps? or is it simply a question no one can answer?

This question is indeed difficult, as the sages have only the naviim (prophets) and hidden sources (such as the Zohar) to sort through for answers to this. There is significant disagreement over the timing and order of events, but it's something like this... rough time, wars of Moshiach, recovery from war and arrival or building of the 3rd Beis HaMikdash (holy temple), exposure of G-d's presence in this world in an obvious continuous way (everywhere), resurrection of the dead, transformation/elevation of this physical world.

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