Tuesday, June 05, 2007

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Humor in Hebron

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Hundreds attend left-wing Hebron demonstration - Substantial IDF and security forces were on hand to maintain order in case of disturbances.

Note Peace Now complains terribly about Israeli soldiers having to protect Jewish presence and impact to the Arabs, but doesn't mind bringing 'substantial' forces and blocking off a huge part of Hevron for themselves.

The High Court of Justice authorized the protest on Monday. The group was protesting, among other things, the occupation of a Palestinian house by local settlers in April.

And some liberal Jewish bloggers call the Jerusalem Post a right-wing news source??? Bwa-hahahaha. Jews buy a building for millions of dollars, and it's "occupied"? (Oh, and note how a million dollar building is turned into a 'house', giving the impression of a poor displaced family thrown out on it's ear.) And "local settlers"? What's up with that? Can you be a remote settler, foreign settler, distant settler? Of course, "settler" (one who settles in a new region or country), because Jews never lived in Hebron, right?

Local Palestinians threw stones at the Peace Now bus and a police vehicle after the demonstration.

Why didn't they run over and hug these helpful Jews who were protesting for their cause??? Bwa-hahahaha. Unfortunately, while they're trying to do what they perceive as the humane and good thing, in the end they're all just Jews to be wiped out. Hopefully they won't realize this too late. (May Hashem open their eyes early.)

News Source - Jerusalem Post.

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