Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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Death of the Future!

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

When one sees such things as I have posted below, a first reaction might be shock. But think it through as you watch them. What does this really mean for the future? ...

Mommy, mommy, I get to be the terrorist and murder Jews in the school play!!!

Watch this video: here.

In brief, it's a kindergarten graduation performance of boys dressed as terrorists on manuvers, preparing to attack. They end by singing, "what is your path? Jihad. What is your path? Jihad. What is your most lofty aspiration? Death for the sake of Allah." No joke, this is the actual translation from the kindergarten graduation play. Oh, and by the way, IF YOU ARE FROM THE E.U. OR U.S., YOU HELPED PAY FOR IT! (How? The EU and US provide several hundred dollars per child, yearly, for "education" of Palestinians, but absolutely fail to monitor or respond to WHAT they are being educated.)

Not to be outdone by their southern brothers, the Hizbollah girls school of Lebanon put on this production...

Don't miss the cute little girl with her hands painted red, representing being soaked with Jewish blood.

(Thanks to Sima for the alert, first video from MemriTV, second a home movie posted on YouTube, with alert from EinShalom.)

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