Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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Advice Line: Is Criss Angel Using Kabbalah?

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Question: A friend of a friend asks: Is Criss Angel (current popular daredevil magician on US television) doing his tricks with kabbalah? They are so amazing!

The Mystical Advice Line answers:

Criss Angel has performed some incredible illusions. But he does not claim to have mystical ability or otherworldly powers. He is a performer, an entertainer, a maker of shows. His profession and lifetime practiced ability is to entertain you by performing amazing illusions.

Illusionists, those who make it appear as if something that is not happening is, are nothing new. As 'real magic' is forbidden in Judaism, the Talmud over 2000 years ago discusses whether the illusionist is permitted or not (due to the appearance of magic).

Tricks such as making things disappear and reappear amazingly are also not new. Harry Houdini is said to have made an elephant disappear and reappear in his shows 100 years ago, and that's a pretty big trick. But trick it is.

So how does Criss Angel do his illusions? Penn and Teller are a magician act that take the unusual step of occasionally showing how their tricks are done. They have a clip here and here that show, in the clear, the ideas behind illusionist magic.

This 'magic' is there for your entertainment, Criss Angel is a wonderful performer doing incredible illusions to keep you entertained, your eyes on his show, and to open your wallet to buy his stuff. He does not appear to be using any special powers to do this, but is rather a master at his craft, which is fooling your eyes.

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