Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Warming Up

by Akiva at Mystical Paths analogy of a person in a cold room. There are 3 ways to maintain body temperature: he can put on a warm coat, he can leave the room to escape to a warmer environment, or he can light a fire. a (spiritually) cold environment, ones integrity can be preserved by these 3 methods.

He can put on a warm coat, strengthening himself inwardly so as not to be influenced by his surroundings. This, however, is an incomplete victory, for if he were to relax his self-control he would capitulate.

He can leave the room, which implies seperating himself from the negative influences surroundign him. Once again, this victory is only because he has removed himself from temptation...

Lighting a fire involves influencing the environment and raising it to a higher level. This is a complete truimph over one's surroundings, for the dangers have not only been avoided, they ahve been removed entirely.

- Tending the Garden, Weisberg.

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