Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Tonight begins the Jewish holiday of Shavous. On Pesach (Passover), as part of the Passover Seder, we say "in every generation, a person must regard himself as if he left Egypt. On that day he must say to his son, it is because of this that Hashem our G-d took me out of Egypt". Every year we must remind ourselves that we, individually and collectively as the Jewish people, must again be worthy of being redeemed from Egypt.

As Shavuos comes, are we worthy to receive the Torah? Shavuos is intimately tied to Passover, the holiday without a date, rather it's a period of time from Passover (50 days). In essence, Shavuos is the culmination of Passover.

If I was worthy to leave Egypt, have I progressed since then, and am I now worthy to receive the Torah?

As the Jewish people come once again under attack, it's a good time to consider that. Will we trust in G-d and be worthy of his gift of the Torah? Even if we were not yesterday, today is a new day, a new chance for teshuvah, chesed, mitzvot, a day to take a step.

Chag Samayach,

P.S. - In Israel, Tuesday night/Wednesday is the holiday of Shavuos, and outside of Israel Tuesday night through Thursday. We do not post during Holy Days nor on Shabbat. Normal posting will resume, G-d willing, Friday.

P.P.S - A friend emailed this video clip from CNN, visiting hell's workshop, where they engineer the best ways to kill innocents.

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