Thursday, May 17, 2007

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Sderot Update - Picture & Video

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

An IM update from Shlomo Wollins (of on the situation in his home town of Sderot, Israel...

It's over 50 Kassam missile hits since this attack round started yesterday. Last night we had 6 in one hour. It's become impossible to sleep, and risky even to go upstairs to take a shower. My neighbor, the lady widely reported hit yesterday, was in her shower when the Kassam hit right above, collapsing the roof and walls of the shower in on her. Her survival was a miracle (but she is critically wounded).

I just got back from Kassam fall a short time ago, at 5 am. Last night one hit an electric junction and knocked out electricity in the city. Electric workers, risking their lives, were able to reroute power after an hour or so.

The bomb shelters are open, but 1/2 are in terrible condition. There are literally only 56 fully functional shelters for 18,000 people. And many of those have insufficient air, water, and facilities.

The town is now a ghost town. Zero people on street, nothing, no kids, no parents, schools are closed. Only a very occassional car.

Hundreds evacuated yesterday. More will certainly go as soon as there's a break in the shelling. Many just drove away, like my neighbors on Pesach. They come back once a week. Tragic.

We are falling apart here. On the medical front, there is only ONE trauma expert for whole city. The UJC promised money for more, but never delivered. I assume Israel told UJC to back off and not help here. Yesterday a woman fainted when they ran to trauma center and found out IT has no protection (no armored roof nor sufficient shelters).

It seems we cannot rely on our government to help. Hashem will clean up the Jewish mess...and that is bad news.

P.S. Shlomo needs your help to buy the gear needed to stay and survive!

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