Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Sderot Update - Holiness and Profane w/Metal Rain

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Ongoing live updates from Sderot, Israel, which has been under heavy constant bombardment from the Arabs in Gaza. This report from 5pm Israel Time, 10am US time. From an IM chat with Shlomo Wollins of IsraelReporter.Com, who lives in Sderot and has not evacuated.

It's been horrible today. I went to the funeral of the young woman, Shirel, who was killed yesterday (with a Kassam strike to her car, with her in it).

Not only was it sad and horrible, but a near riot when an Israeli politician imposed himself on funeral with a contingent of Yassam type security forces (making the path for him to take over the funeral). Bar-on. Why? Sick corrupt (censored).

Hundreds of security personnel, with a total attendance of only about 100 at the funeral! They argued right over grave....unspeakable. He was totally surrounded by shabak yassam goons. I was in their face, he just let it happen. Before he spoke, member of family looked at grave and asked for forgiveness that this guy was speaking.

Shirel died on way to get her mother a sweater. There was NO alert! In the middle of town..no alert...bled to death. The fact that she was killed without warning, her sister said that is what killed her, will really really spook even more people out of here.

They are making a tent city in Jerusalem for refugees. Sderot is really empty now, with yesterday's massacre and the Shavous holiday tonight. Yet, Jerusalem administration says, "We won`t let Gaydamak build tent city for Sderot residents."

Why? Evacuation of Sderot proves Gush Katif move was wrong.

Businesses are closing up, how long can they go without customers or employees while paying rent, supplies, electricity. Parents are asking ME (?) if school will re-open before summer. Kids have all these tests (especially high school, they will lose their diploma and chance for future jobs or education if they fial), they have to start enrolling elsewhere.

It is just so EMPTY here, more than last Shabbat. The local store owner here where I shop has been here 15 years. He is losing major money every day...business is down 80% I am sure. He asked me why I don't "barachim" (flee) to Jerusalem...I told him Sderot is holiest city today....he agrees.

But I know why people really leave on Shabbat/Chag. You are totally trapped if they start firing big. I am set up in my safe room (mini house bunker).

The dirt from the funeral doesn't wash off, if u know what I mean. All I can think is, here I am again (Shlomo was in Gush Katif and Amona) and how bad is this going to get. Hamas scored huge "victories" this week again.

I can't believe it, but Jewish people seem ok with total evacuation & shutdown of Sderot. Founded in 1955...Evacuated in 2007.

Gaza terror press is now focusing on Ashkelon. This battle is won and in their hands as they see it, and I am forced to agree. A serious ground operation in Gaza, which is only way to deal with this, is out of question (for the current government).

Update: A Kassam missile just fell nearby. Making my Shavuos preparations impossible.

Reminder, you can help with rent, food, and maintaining the Internet connection for these updates to the world. There's no work, no income, everything is paralyzed. Will you help Shlomo and his neighbors get by?

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