Sunday, May 20, 2007

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Sderot Update - Ghost Town, Metal Rain

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Ongoing live updates from Sderot, Israel, which has been under heavy constant bombardment from the Arabs in Gaza. This report from 12 midnight Israel Time, 5pm US time. From an IM chat with Shlomo Wollins of IsraelReporter.Com, who lives in Sderot and has not evacuated.

I just got back from Jerusalem. Believe it or not, I picked up flak jacket and metal helmet from a gemach (free loan society)!! How is that for mashal (example) about situation here? Do you have flak jacket gemach in the US? (chuckle)

Today was my birthday and I didn't even realize it until I glanced at a calendar. I had to use this flak jacket 3 times in first hour I got back. We just did a minyan (prayer quorum) in between bomb hits.

Sderot is in huge trouble. The city got black eye from which it may never recover last week. Now it has been an average of 15 missile hits every day in last days.

The evacuation of Sderot is equally as damaging to olmert as invasion of Gaza.

I am going around trying to give strength to few here. It is VERY hard. But the guy I buy food from every day, he said 'you are part of my family'. You can see there is some amazing things that happen in these situations. I speak to people all day about this. In cabs today, in shul, in stores, I say today in my birthday and I am from Sderot. But the situation is getting worse. It is getting really scary.

I hear that Sderot residents are burning tires and blocking Ashkelon junction. Wow, 100 burned tires in Ashdod.

Please post that we need funds. Rent, food, and maintaining the Internet connection for these updates to the world. There's no work, no income, everything is paralyzed. Please, can people help, yes me, and my neighbors get by?

With the IDF starting to hit Hamas houses, there is little doubt we're going to get hit very hard in the next few days. Please help us stay here and not abandon Israel.

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