Monday, May 21, 2007

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Sderot Update - Death & The Holiday

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Ongoing live updates from Sderot, Israel, which has been under heavy constant bombardment from the Arabs in Gaza. This report from 10pm Israel Time, 3pm US time. From an IM chat with Shlomo Wollins of IsraelReporter.Com, who lives in Sderot and has not evacuated.

It was a quiet day, only 10 incoming Kassam missiles or so. (10 is a QUIET day???) I was able to get out a bit and hang out with the national and international reporters. There's more reporters here on the street now, in full protective gear, than there are citizens.

Though the Kassam rate was slower than past days, a woman died today, struck by a missile. Olmert has his "body" now. (A comment on a statement from last week that he couldn't take action as Israelis weren't getting killed.) Now maybe he will go in further to Gaza, but with weak weak hand and predefined limits. "Civilian casualties" will give them ability (international political coverage, disgusting) to go.

(I asked, what's the local situation, besides the, r'l, death?)

People are unbelievably upset by today's death. Everyone who's left is hanging together, and everyone is affected.

There's two large supermarkets here. It's right before the Shavuos holiday, I went to the market and the store is EMPTY. Maybe 10 people in the whole store, and it's right before the holiday! How are people going to be ready to make meals for the holiday?

Very soon Sderot is going to be j

me: ?

(no response)


(no response)


(no response, extended period of time)

I picked up my phone and called him on his cell phone. He answers after many rings, out of breath.

What happened, you stopped responding?

There was another alert. I ran for my miklat (bomb shelter). From the moment of the alert, there's only 10 seconds or less. Can you hear me? The reception is bad in here.

I sleep in here now, with a helmet on. With the steel doors closed and the fan on high, I can get a few hours of sleep through the alerts and strikes. It's the only way to stay sane.

Reminder, you can help with rent, food, and maintaining the Internet connection for these updates to the world. There's no work, no income, everything is paralyzed. Will you help Shlomo and his neighbors get by?

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