Sunday, May 20, 2007

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Motzie Shabbat Israel Update: Under Fire!

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Ongoing live updates from Sderot, Israel, which has been under heavy constant bombardment from the Arabs in Gaza. This report from 5am Israel Time, 10pm US time (Saturday night). From an IM chat with Shlomo Wollins of IsraelRepoter.Com, who lives in Sderot and has not evacuated.

Hard Shabbat. I think it was 17-18 Kassam missile strikes on eruv Shabbat...15 or more on Shabbat. We were nailed starting hour after Shabbat started. A parked car was hit on Shabbat...perhaps a house too. This place is deserted in biggest way. They (the PA's) will shoot fewer now....just enough to keep the city from living. Or they will stop for while....70% will come back....but for how long?

Major monies flowing in here from guilt-ridden American Jewish organizations, for shelters, camps, anything but an effort to replace the government which is the cause of this hell.

Everyone here knows now our lives are in the hands of Hamas. They can make Sderot hell on moment's notice, and there is nothing this government will do about it.

That feeling of hopelessness is overwhelming. Sickening. The bottom line is what a parent said, "We need a place where we can raise our kids in security." Right now, even if the missiles stop, that is a fantasy.

Schools are closed again. I haven't seen mail for half a week, or a garbage truck. Zero kids on street. On my street, there are maybe 2 or 3 people still here.

That's somewhere around 12,000 - 15,000 displaced Jews, driven from their homes and town. For half, that's for good (at least until a long-term stoppage of missiles). For the other half, that's a short term run, pending what happens.

About an hour into Shabbat I went out. It was insane....I was really afraid. One after the other, at least 5-10 hits with zero warning. Those are the most terrifying.

The constant terror of this is becoming real. My heart is literally starting to bother me. My stomach feels like an ulcer. Starting to investigate other places before I die of this.

It's not the fight, the risk, the insanity. It's the betrayal, the cowardice is killing me.

If Sderot empties out, Ashkelon is next. It's been hit many times in the last year.

Other relevant reports:

IsraellyCool has a news roundup.

Haaretz reports The Government STOPPED Assisting in Sderot Evacuations????? "The Defense Ministry yesterday stopped the evacuation of Sderot after some 2,500 residents left the city, and many remaining citizens demanded action to protect them."

YNetNews reports Can't Do Anything, As It Might Hurt Them!!! "The military operations are running according to instructions. The hits of Hamas targets are accurate. The military is taking care not to harm the innocent population." Yes, BUT THE ENEMY ISN'T, SO WHY ARE YOU???

P.S. Shlomo needs your help to buy the gear needed to stay and survive!

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