Friday, May 11, 2007

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Mishnah Shabbos

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Boris asked, "I was wondering would ou be able to have Talmud postings or Mishnah posting in English?"

Well, it's really not the kind of focus we have regularly here. But, by special request, today only... Mishnah Shabbos 7.3 -

They (the Sages) stated yet another principle (around carrying, transferring from a private domain to a public domain on Shabbat):

Whatever is worth keeping (people consider of value or use), and people keep it as such, if one carried it out on Shabbat (even if he personally doesn't consider it of value or use and he doesn't normally keep it himself), one is liable for a sin-offering on it's account. (One qualifies has having violated Shabbat and must bring a sacrifice to atone for this, in the holy Temple in Jerusalem, that does not exist today.)

Whatever is not worth keeping, and people do not keep it as such, only he who had kept it is liable, if he then carried it out on Shabbat. (So if a person has something unusual that most people would consider of no value or use, but he does, if he carries it out on Shabbat, he's liable for a sin-offering, but other people, if they carried it out, would not be.)

(No halachic decisions should be made based on this post, consult your competant local orthodox rabbi prior to making any such decisions.)

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