Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Lebanese Battle, Gaza Battle

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

This is how the Lebanese deal with a terrorist threat to their country. Carefully notice the compliance with international law regarding protection of innocent civilians, and the careful targeting of the enemy. Live battle video, Tripoli Lebanon, today or yesterday. (Warning, mildly graphic war scenes.)

(In case anyone is unclear, there was no compliance.)

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is "deeply concerned by the mounting number of civilian casualties from Israeli military operations in Gaza," a statement released by Ban's spokesperson said on Monday. He's not deeply concerned about mounting Jewish casualties. He's not concerned about Jews being pushed out of their homes and their lives being made a living hell. He's concerned about 'Palestinian' civilians and Israel defending itself.

He can take his concerns and go to #@))!!!

The UN chief recognized Israel's right to defend itself, but that he called on Israel "to abide by international law and to ensure that its actions do not target civilians or put them under risk." He didn't call on the 'Palestinians' to abide by international law and stop shooting rockets at Jewish civilians. He didn't call on the PA to ensure its actions do not put JEWISH civilians at risk. He's only concerned about 'Palestinian' civilians being at risk.

He can take his call and $@^% !# ()% &!$ V$$.


(Source, YNetNews here.)

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