Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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It's Raining in Israel

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

I chatted with Reb Nati a few minutes ago. He said, "It was raining last night. Heavy rain, thunderstorms, just like in Florida."

Raining. In Israel. In the Shomron (West Bank) & Jerusalem area. In May.

It doesn't do that in Israel. It usually doesn't rain past March, never past April. Never. It literally never rains in Israel from Spring until Winter. At all. Never.

The rains of winter are usually gentle, a constant annoying drizzle. Sometimes heavier, briefly. That's the rains of Israel. 2 months of cold drizzle. Those are the rains of blessing, watering the land, the crops, the fields, filling the aquifers and the Kinneret.

A hard rain in May is not a rain of blessing... I am not so wise as to interpret current events and come to an understanding of what's going on. But, some things can't be ignored.

  • Sderot, under daily fire (average 12 missiles a day!). And some away, abandon the land. After all, it's not Tel Aviv.

  • Government approves the 2007 Jerusalem (Same-Gender-Oriented) Pride Parade. Yes, that's right, once again the holy city is targeted for an intense demonstration of the opposite.

  • Ministry of Tourism presents: Campaign (mature content link) specifically to bring GLBT visitors to Israel.

I don't even know what to say. I mean, I didn't even mention Labor Party elections where they focused on how to stay in power and make 'peace' with Hamas. Not protect the citizens of Israel, and certainly not to protect Jewish towns, cities, Judaism in the country, or holy sites.

Rabbi Brody has a good bit to say about it here, as does Nava at Dreaming (from whom I borrowed the picture above).

G-d willing, once I've had a little time to think it through and converse with a few people, we'll come up with a spiritual battle plan in response.

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