Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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Incoming! HE'S HIT!

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

I'm sitting here, (apparently) warm and safe at a business meeting (ok, somewhat bored, but there's no physical danger in that). There's a presentation on the screen and someone droning on. My biggest concern, how soon to lunch.

I just got an IM ping from Shlomo in S'derot... (this is real time)

Shlomo: Hi.. how's it going today?

me: Ok at the moment, B"H.

Shlomo: Whoa! Kassam (missile) hit 30 seconds ago!

(dead air!)

Shlomo: Sorry, I ran for camera...got it on film..the noise in the background. Sounds like it hit something.

(How much experience do you need to know by sound what missiles are hitting?)

Shlomo: Another warning... Oy!! Missile hitting

me: Stay safe, enough photos, are you in a safe place?

(dead air!!! where is he??? no response to multiple pings!!!)

Shlomo: almost was just killle, kasssm ell 20 yard aawywera, help, househitnxt t12 me. 20 yards awy1!Q#!$34


Shlomo: no...near heartr atcck. har to dbeare beathe. oh my god. i t waa so close

Shlomo: i wil be ok.. i t waa so close. I have film maye oj hit... hans ahshkING

me: ENOUGH FILM, GO GET SAFE, call for help!

Shlomo: me peopl. r u seriouasdf. (incoherent?)

Shlomo: more missiles... ambulances beging peope to go home

me: ???????? I don't understand. Are you ok? If stuff is still coming, get safe!

Shlomo: have it. moment of hit. i have it....the film of hit...camera turned off right after hit...

me: should be something, but think maybe staying in one piece more important.

Shlomo: lol...i am zero pieces... going back.... I don't do boom.

Shlomo: another warning!!!!!!!!!!! runniig. threee more houses hit nearby
!!!!!!!!!!!! three more missiles that is... another hit nearby. 100s running from scene. this is about 5 in last 30 minutes.

(This is a real chat, being updated real time, right now (see time of post).)

S'derot. Israel. Peace. Let's give more back, it brings peace.

Update 1: Heard from Shlomo briefly by phone. He's shaken up, actually bleeding from the mouth from seriously biting his own tongue. Nearby neighbor critically wounded taken to the hospital.

6 missile strikes so far today. No Israeli response.

Update 2: Video from Shlomo Wollins, IsraelReporter.Com, Sderot, Israel, from today...

Update 3: Shlomo adds, "Three more missile strikes by 7:30 am....all without alerts!

P.S. Shlomo needs your help to buy the gear needed to stay and survive!

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