Monday, May 14, 2007

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I apologize...

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

To all those events I attended where I grumbled, "this could have been better". To all those events I went to that I said, "I could have done this better." To all those events I stopped by where I thought, "Why didn't they do that? That's stupid." To all those I said to others, "That seems like a bad idea, or a bad way of doing it, why bother?" Especially to all those I went to where I thought, "They really didn't plan so well, they should have more people." ...To all those who organized and ran and worked those events, I apologize.

I attended a community event this past Purim with my family. After Megillah reading, they were serving some food and having a number of activities for the children. Going over to the food area, there were 2 people who were just overwhelmed by the crowd. For a change, I didn't grumble and complain about waiting, poor service or poor organization. Rather, I stepped around the table, asked what I could serve, and dove in. And that's what I should have done in all the above.

"In this age, the power of the individual defeats the power of the majority." Yes, one person can damage and destroy, and with the Internet and modern communications, that damage can be major. Yet, perhaps one can also save and build, and the majority defeated can be the one going in a negative direction.

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