Friday, May 18, 2007

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Friday Early Morning Sderot Update

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Another update from Shlomo in Sderot...

Missiles have started again. At midnight. Sleep can no longer be found here.

Shabbat might be hell. They are about to unleash 50+ a day (imho).

The town has really emptied out. Thousands left in last few days, half my block seems gone. Mail has stopped. No garbage pickup. Life is stopping in Sderot.

I saw this happen (previously) in Gush Katif. It is tragic beyond words (a Jewish town losing it's life). Shabbat will be real empty. Many are taking off for Shabbat or leaving. Nobody wants to wait for next round, which will be 50 a day, or perhaps 100.

Hamas said today that no Sderot resident will be spared, and they should move to basements. But, they are talking to the wrong Jew. Now I am staying!

I am having a midnight BBQ. I lit the BBQ, take the first cold sip of a beer, and the missile warning starts! I think 3 hit...something was definitely hit, house or building. I never worried about dying during a BBQ before.

I can't believe how many have left. They had Sefer Torah dedication today. Seems it's what Jews do before they are driven out. Reminds me of Gush Katif.

It's so surreal having a BBQ during missile attacks.

P.S. Shlomo needs your help to buy the gear needed to stay and survive!

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