Sunday, May 20, 2007

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Curses & Blessings

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

As I'm in touch with my friend in Sderot, who's literally under missile bombardment for being a Jew, and working on finalizing the Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards (the winners will be announced tonight), I find my email address has been harvested by a notorious American anti-semite and I'm now receiving his "Peace Activism Alerts".

Today's alert exhorts the U.S. Xian community to abandon Israel and the Jews because, the previously censored portions of the Talmud are now exposed and describe (their deity) as being in Hell, suffering by being boiled in (materials we won't discuss here). Therefore, "It must be the height of insanity to think that probably millions of Xians at the behest of their sold-out leaders have sent money to these vile Antichrist Jewish extremists who boast of boiling (man-god) in (unmentionablely vile liquids)!"

Besides being a foul anti-semite and bigot of the worst sort, this man is also an idiot. Here's why... There are basically 3 reasons that Xians support Israel, and they are based on their belief system and reading of the 'bible':

1. "Those who curse you will be cursed, those who bless you will be blessed." For those who believe in a literal reading of the 'bible', this is understood exactly as it's written, that those who bless the Jewish people and Israel will receive G-dly blessings.

2. The prophetic writings of their books would seem to state that prior to their messianic era/moment/occurrence, the Jewish people must be restored to peace in Israel.

3. Those that, because of their moral system, truly believe in the common heritage and righteousness of the Jewish people's cause.

Now, the vile anti-semite in question would like to turn off people to Israel and the Jewish people. But he fails to understand enough of his own supposed religion to know much of the core driving factors are foundational to their form of xianity.

May those 'who curse you', be cursed.

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