Friday, May 18, 2007

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Before Shabbat Sderot Update

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

With reports the IDF is doing something, I pinged Shlomo in Sderot for an erev Shabbat update...(live IM chats with Sderot resident)

me: How's the day, I hear the IDF is doing something now.

Shlomo: I hear nothing. They are doing nothing.

(You can hear incoming or outgoing fire in Sderot, Shlomo says he's heard no outgoing fire. So while there are lots of pretty pictures of IDF artillery moving into place, apparently so far it's just that, pretty pictures.)

Shlomo: A dozen more Kassam missile hits today. The town is dead...empty. At this point, Sderot is finished, or will be with one or two more barrages. I wouldn't be surprised if this starts on Shabbat again.

Shlomo: The video I took (of getting hit and knocked down as a Kassam landed next door, which you can view here) has been stolen and placed up on YouTube. It's run on a number of sites, with tens of thousands of views. But then what? NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING. Does anyone care?

me: Thought you'd appreciate this, news says Olmert went to shul in Sderot last night. Right after he left, it was hit by a Kassam. (from The Muqata, here.)

Shlomo: Kassams are falling, NO ALERTS!

Shlomo: How could anyone in Sderot stand in the same shul with peretz/olmert???


Shlomo: More bombs...can't finish pre-Shabbat.

me: Be well, stay safe! I guess Shabbat Shalom isn't quite appropriate.

Shlomo: Hi....everyone says that. I just went around with my guitar. I would say 70% of my neighbors are gone, if not more. Surreal...doing BBQ and running in and out for warnings. My minyan is services this Shabbat.

me: hmm. Did they at least leave the shul open?

Shlomo: This place is deserted...I think concern of looting is an issue.

Shlomo: Let's say 60% of the residents of Sderot left and another 25% left for Shabbat pending the situation. I just walked the streets with my guitar to encourage residents, saw about 10 people during a half hour walk. The press is not reporting extent of desertion.


Video: Kassam hits gas station, missing fuel truck by mere seconds. B"H!

The Muqata is liveblogging Israel/Gaza situation reports, here.
IsraellyCool is also liveblogging Israel/Gaza situation reports, here.

P.S. Shlomo needs your help to buy the gear needed to stay and survive!

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