Friday, April 27, 2007

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The Root

A Simple Jew asked:

As noted in a previous posting, a person's neshoma is rooted in multiple shorshei neshomas. If a person was born during Sefira, is it possible that this person's neshomas is rooted in just the two the corresponding sefiros of that day? (ex. my youngest daughter was born on day 46 of the Omer, which corresponds to Netzach she-b'Malchus)

Reb Nati answered:

Just as physical body is made up of DNA and is made of the genome, the spiritual soul body is made up of a mix of different but similar material. As the soul leaves the heavenly storehouse by the kesay hakovod, it is split and passes through the sefirot, now the sefirot are constantly in motion so the soul is impacted by the particular configuration of it's entry time. Next it passes through the mazalot, which are spinning. As the neshomah (heading towards this world) comes down from the tree of life, it goes into the tiklah, a scale of sort as the deeds of minute, the time of conception and the thoughts of the parents, all contribute to the mix. If everything is going well then it passes down through their tiklah, then through the sefirot, then through the mazolot, then into the physical body of the baby.

I think that was confusing. Let's try it this way...picture this: they reach in and pull a soul from it's spiritual womb of bliss. Kicking and complaining it is brought before Hashem on the kisay hakovod, and complains about having to descend so far away into physical the world. Hashem says, "this is what you were created for, Go!" and poof the 'floor' opens. The soul falls down this tube in the tree of life, as it passes out the other end in falls into a scale where the deeds of man at the moment are decisive on where it is good or bad. Then, if it (the moment) falls on the side of good then it is split in two: male & female. Then they (the male and female of this soul) fall through the sefirot, tiferet she'b'tiferet for example, then the mazolot, Kislev for example. All these traits have an effect on the soul. Then finally the parents, what their kavanot are at the time of conception, like programming the egg and the sperm. Then it passes into the guf of the newborn, nine months later : wow what a ride.

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