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A Kosher and Happy Passover!

(Picture of Jerusalem, the Belz synagogue in the center.)

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

A Kosher and Happy Passover to all our readers and to all Klal Yisroel!

Today, the Pesach (Passover) seder is our only korbon. There is no other time when we sit down in ritualized sacrifice to G-d. Yes, we have other religious meals, every holiday and every Shabbos, where we incorporate brief moments of elements from the Beis Hamikdash (challot, salt, etc). But only on Pesach do we sit down for a meal that is a korbon (sacrifice).

On Shavous, with the giving of the Torah at Har Sinai (Mt. Sinai), we learn that the children are the ultimate guarantors of the Jewish people. On Pesach, much of our korbon is for the children.

There is a chassidic story, and I apologize for I don't remember either the name of the tzadik nor the name of his student, though I think the tzadik was the Chozeh (Seer) of Lublin... The student (who was a tzadik in his own right) prepared extensively for the seder. He studied, and prayed, and meditated extensively on the in depth mystical meanings in preparation. The first seder came and he put all his work to application. Great was his intensity, and he suddenly felt himself flying through the heavens! He flew and flew, and experienced heavenly views and intense joy. Such heights he reached, such intensity he experienced!

When he was done, he was utterly exhausted. He completed his seder and collapsed into bed. When he finally awoke, it was already late at night the second night! He hurried hurried to put together his seder, crying as he was rushing that without all the proper concentration and focus his service was inadequate. He rushed to get through enough before it was too late, literally crying (and trying to keep his tears off the matzah) that his poor service just wasn't enough.

After the holiday, he went to visit his Rebbe. As his Rebbe looked at him, he said, "lets see how your seders went...what's this, flying flying, what kind of Jew goes around flying? What kind of self serving is this? And what of the second night...ahhh, a broken heart before Hashem, a true service."

Chag Kasher v'Samayach!

Mystical Paths recommends these haggadah's for the english speaking/reading crowd:

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  • For adults who appreciate chassidic stories: The Carlebach Haggadah.

  • For instruction and commentary of a chassidic seder: At Our Rebbe's Seder Table.

  • If you don't have a haggadah, At Our Rebbe's Seder Table (the English portion only) can be downloaded and printed for free, here!

    Blogging Note: Regular blogging is suspended until Wed. April 11, after the end of the Passover holiday. We may pop in with a little something in the meantime, but not daily posts. Passover begins this Monday night, continuing through Teusday and Wednesday (outside of Israel, just through Tuesday in Israel). The end-day holiday of Passover is next Sunday night through Tuesday (outside of Israel, just through Monday in Israel.) To learn more about Passover, check out Passover.Net.

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