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by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

(Continuing thoughts from Bitul and Emunah...)

We have to "tishtof l'daat shelcha me akol demionot", to wash our knowledge of all its fantasies, all of its preconceived ideas.

Wake up to the fact that we are just guests in this world, we are just passing through! A guest doesn't worry about food or for that matter anything, he just receives from his host and is thankful for what he receives. And if you a guest of the HaKadosh Baruch Hu, the Holy One Blessed be His Name forever, what are you worrying about?

What are you actually in need of? I'll tell you..... A THANKFUL HEART!!!!! Just be thankful and receive from Hashem all that you need. See, receiving is bitul, and emunah is asking and trusting that you will receive. You can't have one without the other! You have to have emunah to receive the next level, and be bitul to the last level, it's the way of ascending.

Trusting in the Tzaddik is being bitual to the Tzaddik, then you can increase your emunah in Hashem.

Counting, growing, is hard. We don't always make it. There are mistakes, and then depression, and then giving up all together. But this year, G-d willing, we'll all make it. Something very high to be understood, it's very important to continue to count even without a bracha. It's true, t'shuvah can continue! If we stop after a mistake then we've lost altogether. We have to overcome this and continue.

From Rebbe Nachman's Likutey Eztot (Advice), Pesach:

The days of the month of Nissian are days of repentance like those of Tishrei. Nissan embodies the concept of Tikun HaBrit, guarding the Holy covenant. When you are joyous you can draw the spirit of Nissan, it's joy and holiness, into the whole year. Thus you can make amends for the abuse of Covenant, and you will avoid impure experiences by night (Likutey Mohsaran II, 5:10). The Haggadah which we recite on Pesach is a tikkun for the Covenant. The reason why it is recited aloud is because the voice arouses Da'at, the knowledge of Hashem. So by reciting the Haggadah aloud we can experience a revelation of true Da'at. Da'at itself the essence of redemption, because the exile in Egypt came about through the abuse of the holy Covenant, which brought about a distortion of Da'at. The wine of the four cups which we drink on the first night(s) of Pesach is also a tikun for da'at and for the Holy covenant. (Likutey Moharan I, 20:10). And during Pesach when you pray (hitbedot) you should cry out loud.

Through the joy we have on Purim, clapping of hands and dancing, we are able to fulfill the mitzvah of counting the omer properly. Then we are able to receive the Torah on Shavout, both the revealed and hidden Torah. Each day of the Omer period is associated with a different aspect of the sefirot. Remez (hint) and on that day everything which everyone in the world is talking about is purely an expression of the particular aspect with which that day is associated. "A person with understanding can hear and recognize this if he pays attention to what people are saying."

The 49 days of of the Omer period correspond to the 49 gates of repentance, and these in turn correspond to the 49 letters in the hebrew names of of the 12 tribes. It is though these letters and gates that we must make our return to G-d Almighty. Festival of Shavuot is the 50th gate.

This is the gateway of Hashem's "repentance", when Hashem Himself returns, as it were. That is to say, He returns to us in love. It is possible to reach all these gates and open them by reciting the psalms. You should be careful to concentrate when you recite the Psalms. Then you will be able to reach all 49 gates. During the 49 days of counting the Omer we have to cleanse ourselves of impurity and return to Hashem. Then Hashem will return to us on Shavuot (Likutey Moharan II, 73). Thus we should immerse ourselves every day of the Omer in repentance. When we immerse in the Mikvah on Shavuot (predawn after learning all night) we are connected with the highest levels of Hashem's loving kindness and abundant mercy, and we can attain awesome levels of perception of Hashem. The illumination which radiates on Shavuot is supremely extreme. And this wisdom is it self an expression of Hashem's loving kindness and mercy. For love is bound up with wisdom and perception, as is explained elsewhere. It is a wonderful thing to experience the holiness of Shavuot, and in particular the Mikvah of Shavuot- THE MIKVAH OF THE 50TH GATE- which becomes the wellspring of Holiness and purity for Israel (Likutey Moharan I, 56:7).

Now is a very good time to start to get up and recite Tikun Chatztot, though one special thing during this time, we only say Tikun Leah, we don't say Tikun Rachel, so it's much shorter. Let's make fresh commitment to rise and say this important tefillah.

Come join me, together we can do it if we just try we can live a life that is connected and fulfilling. Know for sure that, you have nothing to lose but a little sleep, and a lot to receive, maybe a blessing?

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