Friday, April 27, 2007

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Abusing the World?

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Shoshana commented (in reference to the Religion of Warming)... Please tell me you're kidding. And the garbage isn't really piling up? And we aren't really destroying the world's forests - the natural balance that Hashem created? We were charged with guarding the olam, not destroying it. I don't have the exact place, but the Gemara says that before Moshiach the sun will be unsheathed- ozone layer anyone?

Man has become arrogant in his abuse of the planet - not what the Creator intended.

This is where exact terminology becomes important. "Sun out of its sheath." Not "Earth from behind it's shield." I'd been meaning to write a post on this, since I find it very interesting...

Recent solar science has found some amazing relationships between cosmic functions that we never suspected before. The Sun puts out a stream of highly charged particles, called the solar wind, which the earth's shields (magnetic and ozone) deflect (most of). (These are the particles that cause the Northern Lights, cell phone interference, satellite problems, and radiation that can even affect you in an airplane.) Now here's where it gets really interesting.

When the Sun is a calm steady furnace, the flow of these particles is low and the Sun is a little _brighter_ (1-3%). Yet, and it took until just recently to figure this out, the Earth gets a little...cooler! Why cooler when the Sun is brighter?

Turns out (according to the most recent solar and earth science) that high level clouds, those at the highest levels of the atmosphere, are formed from microscopic dust particles. Yet, ground and air based dust, meaning such particles from Earth, don't get that high. Rather, high level clouds are formed from cosmic dust impacting Earth! So when Earth gets more cosmic dust, it gets more high level clouds. High level clouds deflect sunlight, darkening the planet, making it cooler.

Here's the recent solar science tie in...the stream of solar wind pushes away the cosmic dust. So, _more_ solar wind, less cosmic dust, less high level clouds, more sunlight, hotter Earth. Since 1980 or so, the rate of sunspots, solar flares, and coronal holes has jumped tremendously. These are the things that cause major increases in the solar wind (some of them so dangerously high that they can even impact Earth ground power stations.)

Today's solar forecast calls for a Geomagnetic Storm impacting Earth within 48 hours, and a 10% chance of a class M solar flare. ( These things used to happen once a year or so, they're now happening every other week or so.

That's the Sun being out of it's sheath. Spots, holes, and flares, regularly. Pushing away the cosmic wind, the Earth gets the full energy of the Sun. In relation to 'global warming', note that the other planets in the solar system are getting hotter as well. This has been discarded as a fact by global warming scientists because the actual heat output of the Sun is less, so it couldn't be the source!

This does not mean it's ok to trash the planet. Nor is excessive consumption appropriate. Damaging rivers and land for generations is clearly inappropriate stewardship. But global warming due to excessive carbon use, as it's proponents fly around in personal jets, is becoming it's own religion. Those who disagree aren't worth an argument, they're heretics to be cast out.

We are to make use of the land and it's resources for good and proper purposes, with proper stewardship. We are not subservient to the land nor it's resources.

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