Sunday, March 04, 2007

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Purim Torah

by Reb, I don't know, Somebody, and Somebody Else, at Mystical Paths

What shalach manos do the tzaddikim send to each other? Or! Light! Holy energy from Hashem! Why? To bring each other simcha!

Li li le li li le li li li

So we'll send you a pekel of light, just to be b'simcha!

Li li le li li le li li li

How do we assasinate Amalek within ourselves, to be true? A little wine, maybe more than a little, and perhaps we can slip past for a few minutes at least. Let Mordechai HaYehudi out!

Amalek is a bitter guy, a bitter guy inside. He's our ego, our guyva. Just slip past him for a few minutes, don't let that be the outside you show everyone all the time!!!

Li li le li li le li li li

Amelek can only attack the lowly, the stragglers. So he pushes us to be up, to run forward and not be the straggler. We have to run towards Hashem, or Amalek or will get us! Run to Torah and mitzvot and Hashem! Run run!!!

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