Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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The Moment - Or Not - Or Yes - Or Not...

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

We are warned by the gedolim not to calculate the ketz, the end of the golus and moment of geulah. Yet, famous figures did so (Rabbi Akiva, zt"l, the Gra, zt"l, etc.) Why, you might ask, shouldn't we be watching and be ready?

Of course! But, if G-d forbid the moment doesn't come today, will we give up? Will we turn away from HaKodesh Baruch Hu if our calculation and observation is wrong? Possibly.

At this time, we have no more than speculation and hints in the words of the mekubalim and a few of the rebbe's of our time. It is clearly unclear. We seem to be in a time of confusion and choice. We don't know, and we don't even know if the information, or sources of information, even the gedolim and mekubalim, are providing proper direction, or, perhaps more appropriately, if we're getting their true words in the proper context.

There have been signs and signs, and calculations and calculations. We are not the first generation to say this, nor the 10th. Great gedolim have written about it across generations, and some have taken great actions in the past. Yet, still we wait for that great day.

In contrast, some ask, "How can we make big decisions, big moves, without the clear direction of our rabbaim and gedolim?" To that I respond with this...

Before World War II, there were hints in the words of the mekubalim and a few of the rebbe's. Close before, people asked sha'alot (life questions) of their rabbi's, rosh yeshiva's, gedolim, about whether to stay. For many the answer received was "do not leave the place of Torah", "don't upset your family", "where does your wife want to be, shalom bayis". NO communal direction was given by anyone "get out now". Almost everyone that got out before went against communal and sometimes rabbinical advice.

During the Holocaust, Hashem should have mercy that such a thing never happens again, people also went to the gedolim for advice and brachot. Many stories are told of the rare and amazing blessing that clearly designated survival. But NONE OF THEM said, "everyone, move, get out now, run run run". There are even stories of people getting, "the windows are shut, I can give no direction". Once it was time for their words, it was too late for those words.

Yet, to where to run, to where to turn? Where to go, where to go? This question itself is a sign right out of the navi. BUT it was ALSO asked 55 years ago.

There are many signs at this time that the great moment is close. And, many are speculating on that as well. With this medium we are able to share those speculations, tie them together, and get a bigger picture than we would get otherwise. But maybe there's a little bit of circular influence going on there also, speculations reinforcing speculations, so to speak.

We await his coming every day, may it be today. We should be prepared every day, including today. But is it time to buy a tent and camp in the Negev (remember, the navi [prophet] says the survivors will run from Jerusalem to the Negev)? Well, maybe not just yet. Although, it's certainly not a bad idea to be ready.

Reminder, don't forget Reb Nati's Kimcha d'Pischa - Moas Chitim campaign to Help the Poor in the Shomron (West Bank) and Israel for this Passover. Info Here.

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