Friday, March 23, 2007

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The Midrash and Church Actions

by Aharon Hoffman at Mystical Paths

The book, When Moshiach Comes, says (p. 150-151) that Armilus, one who rises against Moshiach in the end of days, will claim to be Edom’s messiah, god and the author of the bible he gave to the children of Esav (Midrash Heichalos). It also says, he will summon the Jews and demand they bring their Torah and declare him the Jewish G-d. The Jews will reject him and his offer, and war ensues. Armilus then assembles an international army. This is clearly listed under Aggadot. If we ignore any literalism here about messianic and god claims, lets summarize what has been happening lately:

  • 1. The Catholic and other churches have invited Jews into theological dialogue (with Orthodox Jewry being most careful and limited in this). The Church has ended its official “mission” to the Jews. Many dialogue college level centers and joint studies programs have been financed and set up.

  • 2. They have proposed to Jews the “possibilities” that Jesus is the G-d of Israel. 'Rabbis', like Yitz Greenberg, have accepted this as a possibility despite major reservations. They have spoken of shared scriptures, shared destiny, shared eschatology, and in some cases even making Jews and Judaism an organic element within the “body of Christ” – the Church as their own catechism states.

  • 3. Pappy Benedict has written (when he was a cardinal) that “mission interpenetrates dialogue” and has said he still “hopes for the conversion of the Jews”, so there is a disingenuous quality to the Church’s approach to the Jews.

  • 4. No demand for acceptance has been made despite the perceived pressure to do so. But the Christian teachings clearly point to something more that simple parallel social and political action for the benefit of mankind.

  • 5. The EU is preparing a military force to intervene in the Middle East as does the US military. It currently does not have the capability, but is not far from it.

  • 6. Secular Israeli leaders have either allowed or invited UNIFIL (mostly European) soldiers into Lebanon, subsequent to the Hezballah War of 8/2006 and even the West Bank. EU observer military units already exist in Gaza. Russian, Italian and German anti-tank missiles have been found in possession of Hezballah and now Hamas. Russia has sold Tor 1 antiaircraft missiles, missile technology and nuclear technology to Iran. Iran is working in concert with Syria, Hamas and Hezballah.

  • 7. The Church is pressing its rights to parts of Jerusalem and religious places in Israel.

  • 8. As stated above, both the EU and the Church(es) have applied double standards to Israel and blamed Israel for the lion’s share of the cause of unrest in the region.

  • 9. While the US tends to currently side with Israel, there have been feints in the other direction. Europe is actively working to neutralize and “balance” US support for Israel by supporting the Arabs.

  • 10. The secular European and Church officials all cite international law as the center of their argument against Israel. So called international law is held up as somehow in conformity to Church law in terms of at least international “peace”. So there is, in reality, a “law” being juxtaposed to Torah Law.

The conclusion to the above is that Christian Europe is in some way opposing Israel, using “law”, there is limited European military presence already in the area, European weapons are being supplied to Iran, Syria Hamas and Hezballah, and a European rapid deployment projection capability is being developed. The European-Christian anti-Israeli scenario is not far fetched at all – even stripped of aggadic literalism. May Hashem help us!

Developed from thoughts when reading Rabbi Bar Tzadok's "The Legend of Armilus".

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