Monday, March 26, 2007

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Marching Back! - UPDATES

The Muqata is liveblogging the march back to Chomesh, which was forcably evacuated and destroyed for...nothing... Check it out!

Direct Updates from Mystical Paths:

  • People in the (somewhat) nearby town of Elon Moreh (just north of Shechem [Nablus]) have police at their gate, unable to leave without proof of justification.

  • People in the town of Itamar (just southeast of Shechem) have police at their gate, unable to leave without proof of justification.

  • Police are at Tzomet Tapuch (main north-south east-west junction south of Shechem), stopping all Jewish cars, letting none through. Numerous police/army helicopters in the area, large quantity of army vehicles by the junction.

  • Police are gathering by nearby town of Immanuel (west of Shechem). Locals heard "some cops talking and they 'can't wait to be brutal'".

  • Some ambulances have passed through the junction, hospital bound, with injured.

  • 8pm Israel Time - Police are stopping cars by the gates of Eli and Shiloh, informing them they will not be able to travel north without proof of residence in a northern town.

  • 9pm Israel Time - A northern route roadblock is in place, preventing Jewish traffic from travelling past the Ariel bypass.

  • 9pm Israel Time - Public buses (Eged) traveling north into the Shomron are being stopped at Ofra, with all passengers undergoing ID & address checks. Passengers unable to prove residency are being pulled from the buses.

  • Israel National News has a nice news report. YNetNews focuses on the 'dangers' of violence in doing this. Do you prefer your news with facts, spun to the left or spun to the right? Seems you can't get facts today without a heavy helping of spin.

    The Left (anti-Jewish Jewish Israeli's who don't mind doing anything demanded of them to make sure they have the latest fashions and luxiories in Tel Aviv) slammed the decision to allow IDF forces to secure Monday’s march (as if someone allowed rather than said, B"H, "this time I refuse to take another step to civil war").

    "The defense minister is turning IDF soldiers, against their will, into accomplices to a crime," MK Zahava Gal-On (Meretz) said. (The crime of settling the Land, the crime of Torah, Gucci forbid!)

    "Instead of the IDF enforcing the law and preventing the settlers from reaching Homesh, it is ensuring their security and facilitating their arrival," she continued. (Darn those soldiers, not shooting on their own! BTW, who made the IDF into policemen? And, we see how well that worked out in the Hizbollah War.)

    Peace At-Any-Cost-Even-Through-My-Own-Children's-Sacrifice Director Yariv Oppenheimer also accused the IDF of breaking the law by guarding the evacuees during their march.

    “It’s an outrage. Everything they’re doing is illegal. There is a law that unequivocally states that returning to evacuated areas is prohibited without a special permit being issued. There is no such permit,” Oppenheimer said. (That's Israel, did you get permission to sneeze? Hey, me, I don't need permission, I've got parlimentary immunity, and my children have protectzia, but you, YOU need permission!)

    Hashem Ya'azor! May these foolish politicians get an education, but not at the expense of the innocent!

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