Tuesday, March 06, 2007

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In The Morning

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

I am not a dreamer, but when your Father tiptoes into your room at night and gives you a hug, you know. The details may fade, but the warm feeling does not.

I am not the psalmist, the sweet singer of Israel. But my Father appreciates my voice too.

When a child begins to clean their room, especially by their own choice, a Father notices. The job may not be perfect, or even very good, but a Father notices and appreciates it, so much more so than when He must force it. When the children encourage each other in cleaning their rooms, a Father really kvells.

It seems quiet here in our room. We don't know all the details and activity going on in our Father's office. But it is, and though our Father is trying to shield us from all that activity, so we don't get needlessly frightened by that which children don't understand, still, it's happening. And soon, we'll know.

I got a call on Shushan Purim from a friend in Jerusalem. He was b'simcha (happy and joyful), and the wine had opened some of the gates. He and the group he was with suddenly had a driving need, to be in Hebron and praise Hashem with Avraham, Yitzchok, and Yaakov. I don't know if they succeeded in getting there, but that's the drive of the soul when the barred doors are opened a bit.

I was not celebrating Shushan Purim yesterday (I'm not in a formerly walled city), but it was a good day. My children were happy (enjoying the results of Purim), hugs and kind words were exchanged. And what makes a Father happier than when His children are happy and helping each other?

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