Sunday, March 25, 2007

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In The Cave Of Hillel

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

This is the torah we learned from the tzaddik (ben porat yosef) Shimon ben Miriam, may we merit to dance at his chuppah soon. (amein!) From Likutey Halachot - Hilchos Hashkamas Haboker halacha gimel:

'א)'יתגבר כארי לעמד בבקר שיהא הוא מעורר השחר
'Be as strong as a Lion that you will awake the dawn'

According to the torah "Vayasev Elochim", see there (Likutey Moharan, b'simman 62):

It is explained there, that there is a difference between questions. There are questions that man can understand and explain, and there are those we can not. On this was said in (avot perek bet): "ודע מה שתשיב לאפיקורוס". "And know what to answer the heretic".

In truth Hashem Yisbaruch has limited 'human sekel' and what it can understand. 'HU mitzvah gedolah' It's mitzvah gedolah to sharpen the sekel to understand completely. About this it has been said "know what to answer the heretic". And know the only way to sharpen the sekel is by solely relying on emunah.

But there are questions that are impossible for human mind to understand and explain, and only in the future time will answers be revealed. These are forbidden for a man to ponder, and anyone that relies on sekel and casually ponders them... about this it's been said in (Mishley Bet :19): "כל באיה לא ישובון"... "and all who come to her (sekel) do not return, nor do they attain the paths of life". These questions are forbidden to contemplate, and on these we only can stand on Emunah, even those questions that we think we can understand. Even the questions that there are answers for, just know sometimes the way of understanding is blocked. We do not know how to answer them,"heresy is grabbing" etc. And this heresy it is for everyone according to their level or connection to Hashem and emunah.

We can either understand a little or a lot, because we need serve Hashem with both our yeizters etc. (And that is a post of it's own.)

And truly, if we know, really know with a full heart "that all the world is His" (Hashem's) Ein Ode Milvado, and that HaKodosh Baruch Hu is standing near in the time of tefillah 'when ever we come to him with a full heart', surely we would pray with excitement and enthusiasm and inspiration and fervor, we would pray precisely and focus our words. But it is precisely because we do not believe this that we aren't praying with enthusiasm, without focus. All of this is because our knowledge is covered, and in the heart there is an aspect of meloiket... aspect (hosea yud:2) "חלק לבם"..."Their hearts have become detached [from Hashem]; now they will become desolate without hope.", this is the aspect of questions that are coming because the sekel is defective, and continue until we do not how to answer the heretic in our own hearts. But do not despair, there is a tikun. (and that's also a future post).

Thank you so much to those who have helped with our Passover campagin so far!!! May Hashem bless you for the great mizvah of permitting those who don't have the means, to have a seder. In that merit, may Hashem bless your seder to be accepted! Our Moas Chitim campaign to Help the Poor in the Shomron (West Bank) and other parts of Israel for this Passover continues, Info Here.

Shevua Tov! Reb Nati

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