Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Nothing To Lose

by Reb Nati) at Mystical Paths


There is and awakening happening right now in front our eyes, but we need eyes to see. It's happening in my heart, but it comes up to my head only time and again, I hope more frequently. It's coming out of coma! I'm starting to see Mosiach! He's coming, I feel it, I sense it! I have to open up my lips! "Hashem help me, enliven me, wake me in fullness!"

The awakening "the remembering is happening" Zohar vayera 119a. You see, the souls of the original 600,000 plus are all waking up in this time as was foretold. But we looked at it like a myth or a story, we did not realize it in reality. But now we have to, those who are waking at this time are the souls of the leaders of the tribes, and now the rest are coming out of stasis, like sleep. And we are finding each other and connecting one to the other. The Tzaddikm of the dor (generatikon) are the most awake, and we need to cling to them as they are leading us To Moshaich. AND MOSHIACH IS THE ONE MOST AWAKE OF ALL, HE HAS TO BE - TO LEAD US TO HASHEM!!!

Wandering though the desert, "lost in desert try to find your way back"? You must choose to trust the Tzaddik to lead you! Their foot prints lead us, the Tzaddikim have awakened and walked before us, and are walking till this day. We just have to follow after them.

We have fallen a long way, I would not kid you! If you look at the total midbar (desert), you will fail. The Clouds of Glory are there for us, to protect us, for we can't take reality. You see, we are so close to the real, but oh so far. So to the forest we need to run, it's the only way to make it though! "From the forest itself we find the handle for the axe" we just walk out and find a spot and connect to Hashem, the Tzaddik has shown us the only way. Melech Dovid (King David) wrote the book, And Ben Dovid has shown us the way, "WHY NOT WALK IT"? Go ahead what do you have to lose? except the Ego is in the way? Go ahead, catch a glimpse from the cleft of the rock, if you don't; the stones themselves will shout the praises of the KING!!! The trees of the field will clap their hands (so to speak) that the geulah (redemption) is coming. Come be apart of it!

To borrow from my brother Matasiyahu, "We are worriers fightin for your soul"... "taken from the heavens above brought down here"... "into this place and time to bring light to help reawaken all of creation.

Everything on this planet has an inner essence, all things. Every living thing can be traced back to Hashem. He animates and gives life to everything, and our cries and longings expressed verbally go directly to Hashem. That we call out from the side of the hills in His Holy land are His Praise, every cry, each request is a testimony. He craves, He longs for this children to reconnect to Him. We are the ones who left! We separated ourselves we ran off. Now we have to fight through this world to be reunited.

It's our job to help reach and awaken every single soul! You see I've got nothing to lose and I will tell you, just give in to what you know is right and is inside you. And connect with Him, He wants to make the connection. We ask..."Open our lip's", and when He does only then can, "We Declare His Praise". Hisbadedut is the only cure for all of our ills and problems, and the only way to bring the galut to an speedy end.

You see, we can have geulah now. Here in Ertez HaKodesh (the Holy Land), just look out your window and take it all in, from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean. From revelation to revelation "from sea to sea" or SEE to SEE. For Hashem said He would put a "hunger and a thirst in the land", but not a hunger for food or thirst for water, we will be prosperous and wealthy. "Look at Yosef, he was king" like now, that's why the Rebbe's have to bring us in. We are in the darkest possible time in history, we are drowning, all of us are fighting to keep conscious "fight for you soul, come home and stand with us here in the holy hills and cry to Hashem to give us strength to stay awake "we can't afford to sleep for seventy years" The lost princess Rebbe Nachman We must understand this! We have to reunite the Shechinah with our Father, our "ABBA" so we can have Moshiach.

It would be nice if you would come and join me here for a special festival, "THE EMUNAH FESTIVAL" Come experence Refuha Hanefesh, come help, every voice is needed.

One thing I asked from Hashem, that which I will seek after? "that I Would see The Kodesh Moshiach with my eyes in this goof!!!"

"You see, He... He has to be close by!!! I can't let go of this, you can't let go of this, we need to wake from this dream, cry out to Hashem "ABBA", We need you please.......THANK YOU ABBA, Thank You, I've seen our kodosh land, thank You, You gave me rain, raise me up Lord! Put song in my heart. I'm thirsty, remove the klipah from my heart. I really want Moshiach, he's been seen by those who can stand outside on the side of the hill and in the forest and sing to Him.
Please come sing with me here in the Shomron. Let's just decide to all come to Tel Shiloh (the site of the Mishkan) in the Hills of Ephraim, take a mikvah in the miyan (natural spring), walk up to Tel Shiloh and as one sing out to Hashem. Come on, what do we have to lose?
Starting Rosh chodesh Nissan let's make our voices a korban that testifies to His existence, to His Glory.

So you say nobody will come. Ok, ok, so only few come. We will still walk up and sing. Maybe if you come, there will be more, each one in his turn! Come sing. Could we reach thousands? 600,000 is a key number, but it all starts with just you, and me, and.... G-d willing, starting Rosh Chodesh. Reach me at "nati -a-t- *mpaths* (d.o.t) com.

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