Friday, March 09, 2007

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Got Sheep?

Got your sheep ready for Pesach (Passover)? No, seriously, if we believe that Moshiach may come every day, then we better be ready for Moshiach to come before Pesach and have our sheep ready.

Would you like us to set up a Reserve-a-Sheep for Passover Sacrifice service? (Seriously.) It's about 20-40 people per sheep, assuming average size animal and mix of adults, men and women, and children. Call it 30 people per sheep for the average Jewish family. In addition to the cost of the sheep, special wood spits (pomagranite wood), block for building the outdoor roasting oven, and rent for a space to do it all have to be covered (and reservations for all those lined up).

We worked this out last year (the cost details), and (off the top of my head) I think it was around $30 per person. We seriously can reserve all the above for a limited group, and (G-d forbid) return the reservation after Passover if it doesn't turn out to be used (though naturally everyone involved is going to want some non-refundable percent for the reservation and actual lining up of items.)

This is not intended to be some kind of money making venture, this is a serious query. If you're interested, leave a comment or email me and we'll work up the details next week.

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