Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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Eastern Infiltration - Part 7

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

(An ongoing story of the hand of heaven directing us and giving us a chance. A multi-part series and a true story.)

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(Sorry it's been a while, hope we haven't lost the story thread...)

So the magazine has switched their position, decided to publish, but confirmed that yoga is popular in the religious communities they publish to. They've got me on board, now they're making sure they've got Double Special Extra Kosher Yoga on board.

From: The Magazine

Dear Double Special Extra Kosher Yoga:

The following letter to the editor will be printed in the Magazine. If you send me your response within two weeks, we will include that too.

From: Double Special Extra Kosher Yoga

Dear Magazine:

I think you are taking a huge responsibility in advertising M's statement, especially since it is misleading factually and historically and is clearly contrary to what (major Jewish authority) said about the advantages of yoga and developing a "kosher way" to it. You have seen the letters when I sent them to you last year and it would be wrong to ignore them.

Why aren't you showing (major Jewish authority)'s letters? If anything, these are the only statements you should be advertising in your magazine and not some wrongful judgement call made by someone who is trying to defame a clear and explicit Mivtza of (major Jewish authority) given over 30 years ago!

I would therefore be very cautious about printing M's words since it touches upon (major Jewish authority)'s desire for a kosher way and on a project which is trying to implement this desire . Before making your magazine into a forum for debate which can become negative, I urge you to reconsider.

From: Magazine

Dear Double Special Extra Kosher Yoga:

Why not just reply in print, and this way you solve the problem of people having the wrong impression?

I don't print letters that major Jewish authorities clearly write "this is not for public consumption as it may mislead the public." Would you? Would you print things major Jewish authorities said ONLY to private people EXACTLY and precisely BECAUSE of people being possibly misled? Chas v'sholom.

From: Double Special Extra Kosher Yoga

Dear Akiva,

Their seems to be some misunderstanding about our program and its target market. I would like to speak with you as soon as possible to clarify these issues.


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