Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Eastern Infiltration - Part 6

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

(An ongoing story of the hand of heaven directing us and giving us a chance. A multi-part series and a true story.)

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Dear Magazine:

If not in the Magazine, then you might seek to print it elsewhere. Would that be correct?

Yes. If the rabbonim had issued an opinion on this matter, I would consult them first. To quote a Chabad oriented blog
(I didn't name it in the email, but it's a quote from Circus Tent)...

"Recently we've been witness to a new phenomenon, namely Baalei Tshuvah retaining a part of their former lifestyle. Whether it's rappers or beatboxers, boxers or otherwise, they continue to supposedly use their talents and "flip it to Kedushah." That never happened in the old days. In the old days in Hadar Hatorah Reb Yisroel Jacobson made you cut your long hair off and conform to the rules of Yeshivah. Yes, you could keep your musical instrument, but you played Chabad Nigunim and joined a Chasidishe band. If you were an artist you focused all of your energies into painting the Chasidic lifestyle. Today you do what you want, all the while staying frum, of course, and giving the youth the insipid idea that the two go together, and that pop culture will have no influence on their practice of Yiddishkeit."

That's certainly arguable and debatable when it's merely gashmius, skills and ways of the world. It's another when it's attempting to extract the neutral from avoda zarah and flip it to kedusah.

I hear from a rebbitzen that yoga is now very popular among some frum community women . I have no idea if this is true or not, but it's a pretty darn scary rumor to hear.


Dear Mr. M,

It is true that yoga is popular among some frum community women, yes. I like your quote very much. Okay, I am going to let the board know that if we don't publish your letter, you will try to get it published elsewhere.


Dear Mr. M,

Good news! The board has reconsidered and will allow your letter to be printed as is. But... are you sure you don't want to work on it a little more, and add in that quote about the rappers, etc?


Well, I was surprised when the magazine flipped around and said no, now I was doubly surprised when they flipped again and said yes. Just the mention of "publishing it elsewhere" seemed to have rattled some cages.

But, confirming that yoga has spread throughout some religious communities, we're talking ultra-orthodox communities, specifically among the women. This is a serious concern. Even if, if Double Special Extra Kosher Yoga is 100% kosher, is that the one everyone in the religious community is using? Could they start with that one and then go on to 'higher more advanced' ones which would not be kosher?

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