Tuesday, March 13, 2007

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Eastern Infiltration - Part 5

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

(An ongoing story of the hand of heaven directing us and giving us a chance. A multi-part series and a true story.)

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Is this getting boring? I think it's just about to get even more interesting, but hey, if it's boring, let me know and I'll go back to posting about sheep or something else interesting.

Chametz (leaven), now that's really evil. At least on Pesach (Passover). And back to your regularly scheduled program...

Note, all names, organizations, and identifying marks have been redacted. My point here is to tell the story, not to name names or get on anybody's case. If you think you I'm giving identifying info away, please email me (address in the right sidebar, down a bit ---> ) so I can stop doing that.

Dear Mr. M,

Originally I thought we would publish your letter, and let Double Special Extra Kosher Yoga reply in print, and have a conversation about it. However, the board which must approve all such decisions has voted against it. They do not want this discussion taking place in print. So I am sending you and Double Special Extra Kosher Yoga the letters I got from both you and them, and I hope you can enjoy corresponding with each other privately. I am sorry if this decision comes as a disappointment to you. I really can't help it.

P.S. Please note that thanks to your letter, the new ad by Double Special Extra Kosher Yoga has rabbis' names clearly included in it.


Oh good, now the ad is a full page and specifically has rabbinical approval. I'm batting 1000 here. Yet, my children saw the ad and came to me asking about yoga, can they go. Something is wrong here, and the magazine's response stinks.

Dear Magazine:

I understand. And while the advertisement wasn't the exclusive target of the letter, and it certainly was not written targeting Double Special Extra Kosher Yoga by name, what it's generating is. Somehow, I don't think synagogues around the world running yoga programs are all running kosher ones. The field is too fraught with serious spiritual danger to be made generally acceptable.

It's known the Lubavitcher Rebbe selected special people and gave them specific directions to search for solutions for those mixed up in such things. He didn't make a general call to the public.

Your accepting this ad within a Jewish orthodox magazine gives not only the advertised program a hechsher (the appearance of rabbinical approval), it gives yoga a hechsher. Even if the program advertised is 100% kosher, I'm shocked that rabbaim (rabbis) would put a hechsher on anything labeled yoga.

Yasher Koach Yetzer Hara, good one.


Ok, I let my frustration run away with me a bit in my response. Anyway, I figured, that was the end of that, and I'd take my little yoga letter and put it up right here, on Mystical Paths...but...

Dear Mr. M,

To be honest, I was surprised too. But who am I to argue with (4 named well known rabbi's)...


4 well known rabbi's are giving approval to yoga, and ruling that dissension with this opinion is forbidden to publish???? ...

Dear Magazine:

A brief clarification please, "They do not want this discussion taking place in print."

Your board, comprising the rabbis you mentioned (or other people, I don't know), instructed you, meaning the Magazine, that "they do not want this discussion taking place in print", meaning they told you not to publish it in the Magazine.

Did they instruct you to instruct the parties involved in the letters as well to "not have this discussion take place in print"? If so, can you provide me their contact information, as I would challenge this instruction given without my opportunity for direct input.

If not, the Magazine's declining to print permits me to take this to other forums.


If someone tells you "the rabbi's" ruled that way, who says it's true? Who says the details were correctly transmitted? Who says it applies to this circumstance? In today's day and age, you pick up the phone or send an email and find out!

Mr. M,

The rabbis are not the ones who said not to discuss/debate in print. Others did and I don't think they want their names listed. But let me tell them that you feel strongly that it should take place in print, and if not in the Magazine, then you might seek to print it elsewhere. Would that be correct?


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