Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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British - Iran Update

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

In the midst of events in Israel, we can't let our attention drop from Persia and England. Contradictory reports today...

Iran warned, British Prime Minister is angry. Here. Of course, this new Western style soft speak, "He added: 'It is the welfare of the people that have been taken by the Iranian government that is most important.'" is just suicidal.

Iran said Monday it was questioning 15 British sailors and marines to determine if their alleged entry into Iranian waters was "intentional or unintentional" before deciding what to do with them—the first sign it could be seeking a way out of the standoff. Here. So, yesterday they were planning to burn the men alive, flay their corpses and feed the parts to their camels. (Ok, maybe a little more than they said, but not much.) Today they're considering giving them a parking ticket and making them beg for mercy on TV, blindfolded (what's with the Iranian's and blindfolding?) before letting them go with a free subscription to Mullah Quarterly.

"The new UN sanctions do not impress the Iranian leader Ahmadinejad. He said that he was going to "take counter measures" against the nations who voted for sanctions against Iran, calling them "illegal". He added that the Security Council resolution would not delay "for one second" the nuclear program." -Here (French).

Is this winding up, or winding down? We'll see. Hakol Beday Shamayim.

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