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The Amalek In Us

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

Our sages of blessed memory teach that Hashem says to the Jews, "If you do not remember Amalek, you will be sent back to Mitzrayim (Egypt / bondage)" (Pesikta Rabati 12). This is exhibited frequently on a personal level.

The M.O., modus operandi that Amalek has always used in attacking the Jews can be described in word: Devious! He gets the international community embroiled in some sort of polictical or military conflict - i.e. "THE WAR ON TERROR" or "PALESTINIAN STATE", the goal is the same to eliminate the Jews!

Amalek has the gematria (numerical value) of 240, the same as sofek, doubt. The Amalek that is overwelming today is the doubts and questions we have regarding our own faith! This is indicative of the our uncertainty and confusion and emotional troubles we face in this generation. They are all the result of improper direction and advice. But when we strenghten ourselves in true Emunah (Faith) and trust in Hashem, then and only then can we overpower the Amalek within each of us.

In addition to this we are plagued with false leaders. The Torah teaches us that Amalek attacked the weak and the stragglers (Devarim 28:18). Our sages teach that "Amalek seperated the tails and threw them high" (Tanchuma, Ki taytze 10). Thus the Jews people have been fooled into thinking that their leaders are men of stature when in reality many of them are ordinary people, or worse men of very low despicable nature, who lack the ability to lead or guide. 'Just look at the present driver. Did any of us ask to see his license before we let him drive the nation bus? And now that we are in the ditch upside down and water coming in, we are just asking if he knew how to drive???' DOH?

Also the rabbi's are lacking spiritual back bones and are wishy washy, unable to make a commitment and stand agianst the tide of corruption, It's a shame. A nation without proper leaders is easily misled, and so many unsuspecting and misguided Jews today are ending up living a life devoid of real Jewish existence and meaning, they/we are looking for a leader. May the righteous Moshiach reveal himself soon!

Reb Nosson writes that "Amalek correponds to burning lust, the strife between husband and wife, between a person and his community and the haterd that is directed towards the righteous and against the true tzaddikim". (Likutey Halakhot, minchah 7:20).

He also writes; "Amalek dicovered a clever way to wipe out the Jewish people. 'He takes the tails, people of very low stature and throws them high'. He makes them into the Jewish leaders. (Likutey Halakhot, Shabbos, 5:9).

Yet we are beset again by another plague; We have forgotten Hashem's goodness, the countless times He's helped us in so many ways, large and small. This leads to our forgetting about Hashem altogether, and the Torah and the Mitzvot, and even the Moshiach, (Hashem forbid) who will bring the final and ultimate geulah (redemption). This the reason we are commanded to remember what Amalek did to us. So we won't forget (all of this)!!!

The mitzvah to remember the evil and cruel and ruthless behavior they personify remains today, even though they identity of the Amalekites has been lost.

Ultimately, Amalek will be destroyed. He will be set upon by thieves who will leave him penniless. Just look at the stock market today and know that it is being fulfilled. (Tana d'Bei Eliyahu Raba 24). Then Hashem Himself will battle Amalek, exposing him for the sinner and loser he really is before removing him from upon the face of the earth. (Tana d'Bei Eliyahu Zuta 19).

May we see this take place soon in our days Amen. May we merit through the mitzvot of Purim to increase our Emunah and everyone else's around us as well, by speaking of the wonderful deeds Hashem has and is performing for us and our people.

Amein, Kein Yehi Ratzon, Purim Samayach!!!!
Reb Nati

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