Monday, February 12, 2007

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Waves of Confusion

by Nava at Mystical Paths

Chasdei HaShem, everything is amazingly above nature and human understanding. The Soton, imach shemo, has power and sends us waves of confusion. There are times I cry to know if choices we think we make are right and through the tears of human confusion, HaShem sends messages of protection and strength and weakens the Soton and the tears become history and the inner strength is increased to do Avodat HaShem...

The yetzer hara (evil inclination) gets to everyone sooner or later, but when the will to sacrifice to HaShem is stronger, the yetzer hara immediately disappears. It's about choices and when choosing the emet (truth), HaShem right away sends messages of KOACH and Emunah that Shamayim is

There is no human wish to reveal what cannot yet be revealed.

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