Monday, February 19, 2007

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A Time of Great Mercy!

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

I received the following email from Reb Gideon (hebrew link):

(Free translation by my eldest daughter and myself, please forgive any error, original hebrew here.)

A Good Month to Dear Friends who are like gold! An update from HaRav Elinor:

In a dream tonight I saw that on the 21st of February, which is Gimmel Adar, there is a Atz Ratzon Gadol (a time of great mercy) in Shamayim (in heaven). They showed me in shamayim, the kingdom in full as it says inside it, the word אוש"ר. This is a day very capable for the tikun hayesod (the kabbalistic foundational repair) and a day of bracha (blessing) and hatzlacha (success), for sure! Please, please don't be complacent about this!

Therefore, on the day of Gimmel Adar, the whole day of Wednesday from morning till night, there are a number of actions to pay attention to:

1. To light candles in the z'chut (merit) of the 5 holy matriachs, and they ascent through the secret of the initials Alef-Dalet-Reish-Yud-Mem, these are:

Ester Hamalka (Queen Esther)
Devorah Hanavia (The Prophetess Devorah, a'h)
Rachel Imaynu (Holy Mother Rachel)
Yael Ashet Chavel Hakani (יעל אשת חבר הקיני)
Miriam Hanavia Ochot Moshe (Miriam the Prophetess, Sister of Moses)

All are connected to the holy song, the secret song of Moshiach...Shir Hadash.

2. Read the 5 Songs that appear in the Torah. The 5 songs of the chumash, the secret of Alef-Dalet-Reish-Yud-Mem (see above), 5 views in the kingdom, opposite 5 songs. When joyful, these letters multiply the repairs of thought (all the same letters) -

a) Shirat HaYam, Az Yashir.
b) Shirat Haazinu
c) Shirat Miriam
d) Shirat Devorah
e) Shirat Ali (Yael) - Bamidbar Perek Chaf-Alef - Pasuk Yud-Zayin - Az Yashir Yisrael

All of them purify thought - purify in 5 - become purified in joy. Because, from when (the month of) Adar enters, we increase in joy. There is singing = the work of thanksgiving of creation, there is praise from awareness of the light coming from above to down below to a fixed vessel.

Serve serve serve serve serve Hashem with joy!!! Come before Him in song!

Please pass on this secret to all your families and relatives and friends, because this is a huge time of mercy in the secret of אוש"ר .

This thought I received from shamayim: Whoever is worthy will gain. Pass on this message to all of Yisroel, in the Land in the world.

A good month,גדעון עינא פקיחא

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