Friday, February 16, 2007

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by Nava at Mystical Paths

The final desperation is thirst. Water is an analogy for Torah. When a Jew has no water (Torah), he is thirsty. This is a terrible state for a Jewish neshamah. A Jewish neshamah thirsts naturally for Torah. If denied, a Jew will seek all kinds of other 'liquids' to quench his thirst; but for a Jew, such other liquids cannot succeed.

When Yosef HaTzadik (the biblical Joseph), zs'l, was thrown into the pit, it is described as being filled with scorpions, then there is the incredible account of there being no water in the pit... "אין מים אלא תורה, שנאמר 'הוי כל צמא לכו למים'."

There is no water except Torah, as it says 'Everyone in need, come to the waters'. “Behold, days are coming – the word of HaShem – when I will send a hunger into the Land; Not a hunger for bread or a thirst for water, but to hear the words of Hashem.”

I was also told קול שאון מעיר קול מהיכל קול יהוה משלם גמול לאיביו - There is a noise of war from the town, a sound from the Temple, the voice of the Lord giving punishment to His haters.

These are the last minutes of the Galut. Do Teshuva, collect Mitzvot, chesed, break your will...

It is your choice – but look at the choice that is before you. If you strive to live in accordance with your Yetzer Tov – Chaim – Life. And if you permit your Yetzer HaRa to dominate – Mavet – Death. And there is the difference, right before your eyes: living the life of Torah requires effort. Living a life without Torah requires… nothing. Do Teshuva, collect Mitzvot, chesed, break your will...

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