Thursday, February 08, 2007

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A Small Mound of Dirt and Big Self Hatred!

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

There's a small pile of dirt that's in danger of collapse in Jerusalem. It's unsafe, and next to a holy site where people pass by, so it's being removed. Carefully, and with archeological checks. Just a small mound of dirt.

The yellow box shows the small pile of dirt in question. The red arrow shows a gate to the Temple Mount, used exclusively by Jewish visitors and the Israeli police. You may recognize the area to the left as the Kotel, the Holy Western Wall. (Not shown, wooden bridge built to the left of the mound since this picture was taken, can be seen here.)

So why is the King of Jordan threatening Israel about this? "Jordanian King Abdullah on Tuesday accused Israel of "an attack on our holy Muslim sites" after it began excavation work near Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock. He also claimed the work could prevent the revival of Middle East peace talks between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the United States due to a "a dramatic escalation" in tensions." And why are the Palestinians going nuts over this? "Police will be on high alert in Jerusalem for the remainder of the week and especially Friday, in light of increased tensions due to the excavations near the Temple Mount, which have ignited Muslim sentiments in Israel and the surrounding region."

Near? NEAR? Are these people crazy? (Both the King and the reporters???)

The gold thing in the middle is the "Dome". The green circle is the Muslim controlled area, the Temple Mount. The blue circle is the Kotel, the Western Wall, the current Jewish prayer site. The yellow circle below it is the area being worked on, which is offset by a wall of stones bigger than cars that has stood for over 2,000 years. The yellow circle to the left is a second dig which has re-proven a 2,500 year old Jewish presence in Jerusalem...

Which, of course, is exactly why they're going nuts. Yes, Jerusalem is Jewish, the stones themselves testify so. A dig at the back of the Western Wall plaza has uncovered historical links to the Beis Hamikdash. (Picture shows the dig some months ago in the early stages.)

While the stones of Jerusalem are testifying, the Erev Rav government of Israel authorizes Jordan to bring in a multi-ton ALTAR into the Dome, and authorizes them to build YET ANOTHER phallic tower. In return for this, Jordan threatens, and the Pal's attack.

Ribono Shel Olam, Master of the Universe, leadership with faith is gone, with vision is gone, with guts is gone, wisdom, hey that's beyond hoping for, at least the slightest standing by their own nation could be hoped for, but I guess not. Self interest seems to be all that's left. Hashem, Ad Mosai!!!

It's painful. Painful to watch concession after concession on Jerusalem handed over. Even worse to those who spill our blood. Painful to watch 'our' government just throw it away like trash. Oy oy oy.

A nice panoramic view of the Western Wall area, mound and bridge in the news.

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