Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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Ready? How?

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

A younger daughter asked, "Do we really want Moshiach? How can people live at such at time that they say the slightest word of loshon hara (evil speech) and are inflicted with tzoras (leprosy), or their house is and has to be torn down?"

It took me a while to find a good example, but here is what finally helped...

"If there's a voice whispering to you, do you hear it? Now turn on a stereo, now another, now ten. Maybe at a brief moment here in chutz la'aretz (the diaspora), when all ten songs have a quiet moment at the same time, you catch the briefest hint of the whisper. But otherwise, it's just a rumor.

Now in Israel, there's only five stereo's playing in the background. The briefest hint isn't quite so brief. Maybe if you really really concentrate, you catch that hint now and then.

In the time of the mishkan (the portable temple in the desert), only one stereo was playing. In the time of the beis hamikdash, only two. You could ignore the whisper, for there is free will, but if you paid attention, you could hear it. This world would still draw you away if you let it, but the other possibility was close.

Today, it's just a rumor.

If you follow Torah and the ways of Hashem when you hear the whisper, that's good. If you follow when it's just a rumor, that's absolutely incredible."

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