Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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Myths and Conflicts

by Aharon Hoffman at Mystical Paths

One of the way that the power elites keep control in a country like Israel is to divide and conquer. Each party is for itself, and each group believes that the other is not doing it's part...

As reported in Haaretz: The myth about the Haredim ("ultra-orthodox" Jews in Israel) not supporting Israel or the army should be put to rest.

The Netzah Yehuda Battalion was founded in 1999 as an attempt to allow Haredi Israelis to serve in the IDF in an atmosphere conducive to their religious beliefs.

The service combines military and vocational training. At first it consisted of only 30 soldiers. As of 2006, the battalion had grown to over 1,000 soldiers, and intends to become a fully functioning brigade in the future. The battalion's main action arena is the Jordan valley.

So these soldiers are stationed opposed to the PLO and Hamas...not what I would call easy duty. Further, it's been noted that several of their units fought in Lebanon in the recent Hizbollah war. So the religious don't serve, except that they do. 40% of officer candidates are 'national religious', and now we see the 'ultra-religious' serving in numbers as well.

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