Thursday, February 08, 2007

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More on the Gate in Jerusalem

Blessed to be Yerushalmi commented at Mystical Paths...

To see the Truth, you have to look past the illusionary covering. Rejoice! Heaven is speaking to us through the rantings of the Muslims. The mosques ARE going to be destroyed and the Third Temple IS going to be rebuilt just as they are saying. They (and we, if we will but open our hearts) know at a soul level that this is in the very process of occurring at this very moment.

Looking at it only from the this-world perspective is what makes it look so nonsensical. The same goes for the Erev-Rav regime and explains their 'insane' actions. Those who are controlled by the Yetzer/Soton/SA are feeling HIS panic, seeing his ultimate end approaching and trying futilely to prevent it. 'Drowning' men do crazy things to try and save themselves.

May I share here something that I wrote yesterday? I'm only sorry I didn't think to bring a camera along!

Baruch Hashem! What a day and time to be alive!! We're in the midst of being redeemed!!! No more crying, no more tears, just awe of the mighty hand of the One above and a little bitty taste of the joy to come.

I have had the most amazing day today! I went to daven Tehillim at Kever David HaMelech at Har Tzion. Anytime I pray in or around the Old City, I always feel an overwhelming sadness that brings tears to my eyes. Well, not today!! The portion of Tehillim designated for the nineteenth day of the month ended with Psalm 96, "Shiru l'Hashem shir chadash..." (Sing to the Lord a new song...) The introduction to it in the Artscroll Tehillim says the following:

"This psalm is a call to the world to sing a new song. What is new about this song? It is the one that will be sung in honor of the future redemption of Israel as is indicated by the final verse of the psalm (Rashi). The song is new because, like none other in scripture, it will come at the unique stage of history when all the nations on earth will join in acknowledging God (R' Hirsch)."

It's one of the songs that we sing every Kabbalat Shabbat and I have a Carlebach tune for it. I found myself alone at the Kever at this particular time so I set my book of Tehillim down on the cover and very quietly sang David's song to Rav Shlomo's melody and beat a little rhythm out with my fingers. It was all I could do not to dance a little jig on my toes as well.

When I left there and walked down to the Kotel Plaza, I saw a most amazing sight and realized that I was zoche to witness a unique piece of history in the making. Under heavy guard and TV cameras, a bulldozer was scooping up buckets of black earth; methodically dismantling what used to be the ramp up which those who wanted to ascend to Har Habayit (including riot police as necessary) would walk to gain entrance through the Mugrabim Gate. The shed in which the police would sit, the covering from heat and rain, and the paved walkway is all gone.

If you didn't already know, time, heavy rains and a small earthquake worked together to weaken the area and cause a bit of a landslide to occur just a few years ago. Earth and rocks tumbled into the women's section of the prayer area at the Western Wall. For awhile it was barricaded and then an ugly temporary structure was built to allow access to the Temple Mount until a more permanent arrangement could be made.

Amid reports that the current temporary structure is now at risk of collapse, the government has finally begun the work of taking down the old earthen ramp in preparation for a new bridge walkway that it wants to build in its place. However, nothing in Israel and certainly nothing in this part of Jerusalem is ever quite so simple.

Muslim leaders are agitating furiously and ferociously for a jihad to save Al Aksa Mosque. Take a look at some of the headlines:

Sheikh Calls For Day of Arab Rage
Jordan Slams Israel on Temple Mount Repairs
Arab MK: Work at Temple Mount May Cause New Intifada
Syria slams Jerusalem works
Top Egyptian Cleric Joins Walkway Hullabaloo
Iranian Islamic ruler Ayatollah Ali Khameini...called on Muslim nations to attack Israel in response

Remember Beloved of Hashem, this-world is UPSIDE DOWN! In Shamayim, this is excellent news!!

People of Israel!! Stand clear of the tracks. Get ready to wave your flags. The Geulah train is pulling into the station!! Mashiach is waving to us from the window. He's as anxious to celebrate his arrival as we are to welcome him.

Amein, Kein Yehi Ratzon!

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