Monday, February 26, 2007

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Matanos L'Evyonim - Purim Gifts to the Poor

It is a great and obligatory mitzvah to provide for the poor for the holiday of Purim. Purim this year falls out this coming Motzei Shabbat, Sunday.

R. Nati of this blog will be distributing Matanos L'Evyonim to the poor of the Shomron, the Jewish towns of the West Bank, Israel, as well as in Jerusalem. If you'd like to donate to help him provide for the poor (and designate either Jerusalem or the Shomron), you can do so here (up through 6:00 AM US Eastern Time on Sunday, March 4, after that you still get the mitzvah of tzedakah but not Matanos L'Evyonim):

Many very very worthy charities are working hard to help the poor, the hungry, the needy, the injured, the war torn, this Purim. Please help them out, here's our recommendation:

Yad Eliezer - Helping the Poor, Purim Campaign

There is no mitzvah of Purim more important than this!


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