Monday, February 26, 2007

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A Man of Peace and Prayer and Song...Murdered

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

(Unfortunately, my schedule today hasn't allowed me to focus on this, but in brief...)

A Jewish man, a husband, a father, a man of prayer and joy, of peace and song, was murdered today. Murdered during mediation and prayer...for, nothing.

Tomorrow he will be forgotten, even today he's only a minor news item. His songs will fade, his prayers stand with his soul before his Maker and are no longer to be heard in this world.

We continue to sacrifice and let the barbarians run wild, in the vain hope that being kind to the cruel will have a positive result.

May Hashem avenge the blood of Reb Erez Levanon, HY"D. His songs can be heard here, information on this murderous event here and here, and a great opinion on it here.

His murderers have been found, but if history shows the pattern of the government of Israel, then his orphans will suffer while his murderers won't. May Hashem avenge his blood!

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