Sunday, February 25, 2007

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Living Galus or Geulah?

In response to The Illusion, a friend emailed this...

...I have to tell you that the posting The Illusion really resonates deeply with me. During a past Shabbat, our community had the privalege of hosting a renowned Torah speaker / orthodox speaker. He came all the way to our community to give us Chisuk & Torah. As I had a hand in organizing the event I was invited to the private dinner on Friday night. We were so excited, his shiurim had literally kept us going through the confusion of our lives and we couldn't wait.

Well, we got the shock of our lives. This famous Rabbi was NOT awake!!! His shiurim were bland and just copies of his tapes (which I anyway knew by heart!) He steered clear of important issues and kept to what my husband calls the Torah of the Galut.

We are convinced that the Torah of the Galut will keep you precisely in the Galut and the Torah of the Geulah will wake you up and help you go forward to what's coming.

When I found out just how much we had paid to bring him in I felt sick, it's all about the money. During our meal we kept on trying to speak to him about all our hot topics, i.e. Gush Katif, Erev Rav, spiritual revolution, Moshiach, you know, the ones that keep us alive. He did not adress one of them. My husband was devastated. He had also seen him chatting in Shul during davening, which is a big no no for my husband as he realizes who considers Hashem a reality (and who does not). What's going on, he asked? What is EMETT (Truth)?

After some soul searching I told him that he should be SO happy at our let down because it just reinforces just how close we are to Moshiach. Like Rabbi Akiba and the fox, all we can do is laugh and know that there are NO leaders now and just Hashem will redeem us....Emunah (Faith).

Like the wheat that's gone bad, at least lets wear the mark on our heads & recognize each other in this up side down world. It's SUCH a Bracha to be alive when so many are not, even though it can get lonely. There are not many in our community who are alive. There are pockets of resistance, but not many.

May we merit to greet our Moshiach this year in Yerushalayim, AMEN.

Amein, kein yehi ratzon!

(The reference to Rabbi Akiba and the fox is a story from the Gemora about Rabbi Akiba acending the destroyed Temple Mount with other sages. They cry at the destruction, he sees a fox run from a hole and laughs, realizing that just as the destruction, to the point of the Mount being the home of foxes as stated in prophecy came true, so will the rebuilding come true.)

(The reference to wheat is one of the stories of lesson from Rav Nachman of Breslov, where a king and his advisor realize the wheat crop has been infected such that anyone who eats it goes insane. Realizing this, they have the option of staying sane in a completely insane nation (as it's too late to stop the general populace from eating it), but they opt to join their people but mark their foreheads with a sign, so at least they will realize their situation.)

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