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Earthquakes and Prophecy

by Elisheva at Mystical Paths

Yeranen Yaakov
brings a translation from Hashem1.Net (hebrew) that says...

The students of R' Yosi Ben Kisma asked their rabbi, "When will the son of David come?" He answered, "I'm afraid you might request a sign from me." They said to him, "We will not request a sign from you." He told them, "When this gate will fall, and be rebuilt, and fall, and be rebuilt, and fall, and there won't be a chance to rebuild it until the son of David comes." - Gemora Sanhedrin 98a

Hashem1.net quotes the Maharal, who says that this gate is not referring to a gate in Rome, but rather, a gate in Jerusalem.

Recently, there have been a great increase in earthquakes, both in number and even more in size, over the few past years. This became apparent in the early 1990's. This process is now accelerating at an amazing rate. The prior belief has been that the earth is at a point of homeostasis - even balance - and should stay about the same. Not so!

Relying on the prophecy that "Mount Olives shall split in the middle" as Moshiach appears, one can study the pattern of the geology and earthquakes to see how things are progresssing!

The Dead Sea Transform Fault is very active, and getting more so. (See data on quakes in the past half year since August, 2006).

One major cause for the quakes is that the continents are moving in a directional pattern. As Africa pushes northwards, it "kicks" the Arabian plate. This then swings north, pivoting at the top of the Red Sea / lower Dead Sea area. Well, not actually. It is literally pivoting on Jerusalem!

The Arabian Plate then gives Iran a good hard kick. One cna see the chain reaction by watching the quakes, starting with one in, for example, the Indian Ocean, moving along fault lines, to Oman, and the lower Red Sea.

What is interesting is that the areas which are now without Jews and without our Torah study centers are the ones getting quakes - the epicenters of the quakes are towards the east and north of the major Dead Sea fault line.

What is happening is that as Africa kicks the Arabian plate, the little connections to Israel - at the Dead Sea - are being sort of sawed off. This frees the Arabian Plate to continue North - to hit Turkey, etc.

Another related phenomena is that the land masses in the Mediteranian Sea indicate that the land in the north - such as Cyprus - originated in the south. Cyprus is geophysically a cut off of the coast of Gaza / Israel. But Israel herself stayed put.

In Northern Israel, the Dead Sea Fault line cuts westwards, to the sea. This, too, results in an enhancement of the Arabian Plate motion, it's breaking loose of Israel and kicking North.

And a week ago there was a nice quake right off shore from Gaza - which has been cleansed by tsunami's in the past!

So when we see this precise pattern of quakes accelerating, we know that we are moving towards fulfillment of the prophecy and thus, that Moshiach is, in fact, close to appearing!


Antarctic quakes often precede lots of activity up north. Follow that one to the west and north, and you come to this a week later - also other things pushing. Example - how a quake in the south leads to a quake in Dead sea. Note the series in Gulf of Aden - These show that the African Plate is kicking the Arabian Plate - so where will it move?

If we read the navi'im, the prophets, we already know where to look.

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  1. Dear Elisheva,

    You say "So when we see this precise pattern of quakes accelerating, we know that we are moving towards fulfillment of the prophecy and thus, that Moshiach is, in fact, close to appearing!"

    Are you speaking of the prophecy of Ezekiel's Earthquake in EZEKIEL 38:18 of the Old Testament Bible?

  2. Please answer my Ezekiel comment to my email:


    Please do not publish this


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