Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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5 Songs

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Several asked for some details about the Time of Great Mercy. Here they are:

Gimmel Adar, a date on the hebrew calendar, is this Tuesday night through Wednesday sundown. The 5 songs referred to are:

1 - שירת הים 'אז ישיר'משה .(פרשת בשלח ספר שמות פרק ט"ו)
1 - The song at the splitting of the sea, sefer Shemos, parshat Beshalach, 15:1-18

2 שירת האזינו השמים ואדברה .(פרשת האזינו -דברים-פרק לב) -
2 - Moshe's (Moses's) song, sefer devarim, 32:1-43.

3 - שירת מרים. (בשלח אחרי שירת הים ממש - פרק ט"ו) תפ מרים עוזי וזמרת י"ה.
3 - Miriam the Prophetess and Sister of Moses's Song, sefer Shemos, parshat Beshalach, 15:21.

4 -שירת דבורה 'ותשר דבורה הנביאה ע"ה.'(ספר שופטים פרק ה)
4 - Devorah the Prophetess's Song, sefer shoftim, 5

שירת "עלי (יעל) באר ענו לה"(במדבר פרק כ"א פסוק י"ז)אז ישיר ישראל - 5
5 - The song of the well, sefer bamidbar, parshat chukas, 21:17-20.

A bit of explanation from Chabad.Org: The Midrash enumerates ten preeminent songs in the history of Israel -- ten occasions on which our experience of redemption found expression in melody and verse. The first nine were: the song sung on the night of the Exodus in Egypt (Isaiah 30:29), the "Song at the Sea" (Exodus 15:1-21), the "Song at the Well" (Numbers 21:17-20), Moses' song upon his completion of writing the Torah (Deuteronomy 32), the song with which Joshua stopped the sun (Joshua 10:12-13), Deborah's song (Judges 5), King David's song (II Samuel 22), the song at the dedication of the Holy Temple (Psalms 30), and King Solomon's Song of Songs extolling the love between the Divine Groom and His bride Israel.

The tenth song, says the Midrash, will be the shir chadash, the "New Song" of the ultimate redemption: a redemption that is global and absolute; a redemption that will annihilate all suffering, ignorance, jealousy, and hate from the face of the earth; a redemption of such proportions that the yearning it evokes, and the joy it brings, require a new song -- a completely new musical vocabulary -- to capture the voice of Creation's ultimate striving.

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